Changes to your services and rates in 2021


This is a subject that no one likes to see or talk about, but in reality it is unfortunately something that needs to be adjusted in any business from time to time. I have been running Vernon Websites with the same rates and structure ever since I started the business in 2010, but there are now a couple of reasons I need to modify some rates and services.

In the case of All Inclusive Plan clients out there, these changes are not an increase in your rates per se, but a result of having to add SSL encryption certificates to your accounts if you do not already have one. See the info lower down about SSL encryption certificates. Please contact me if you need more clarification.

My latest Information Document I send to all new clients:

Please CLICK HERE to see my very latest Vernon Websites Information document that details my services and rates as of today. All new clients get this info, and this is what your services will be based on going forward from January 1st 2021. (Basic has changed though, see below.)

The Details:


All current “All Inclusive Hosting” accounts are now “All Inclusive Management” accounts. My AIMP service covers WAY more than just simple hosting and all current clients under this service will continue to enjoy all the services mentioned in the document just as you always have… BUT starting Jan 1st 2021, any client that does not currently have an SSL encryption certificate for their website will be required to have one effective of your next invoice for your service in 2021. The cost of these certificates is just $50.00 per year plus tax (works out only $4.20 per month). I will be adding these to your up-coming invoices in 2021. If you would like to just go ahead now with one (highly advised!) you can just email me with your request and we can get it installed right away.

The current rate for your AIMP service is staying the same. You will only just be paying a little more for this SSL encryption certificate that your website needs anyway. (Again, see below for more info on these certificates.)

Current clients on the AIMP (aka All inclusive hosting plan) that already have an SSL certificate will see NO increase in your rates at all.

BASIC Hosting Accounts:

I normally discourage these accounts as they are primarily for those who are constantly on their website admin area and are able/knowledgeable enough to do the work needed to keep your site up to date and secure. If you are on this account and are not keeping your site up to date and secure on your own, then you are at GREAT RISK of getting hacked and having issues with your site due to issues arising from this. I would strongly advise you to contact me to move into the AIMP so you can have piece of mind for your site, as well as my full service to help at no extra cost when something happens. The price difference going forward makes this an easy choice to just move up.

This all being said, there actually IS a rate increase for this hosting plan effective Jan 1st 2021, as well as the requirement for SSL encryption certificates. The rate for the basic hosting will be $350.00 per year, plus the $50.00 for the SSL certificate for a total of $400.00 plus taxes per year. I will be changing this in the price comparison chart in the document to show the SSL certificate as included for the basic plan with the new price. This will allow me to continue to provide all the server resources and time needed to carry on with this level of hosting. Again, I do strongly suggest that all basic plan holders move up to the AIMP to take advantage of everything that is provided in the AIMP for the minimal increase in cost difference. Some time in the future, this basic plan will completely disappear and be phased out.

More info about SSL Encryption Certificates and how it affects your website and your visitors.

“Not Secure” – Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge Browsers (and others) showing an alarming “site not secure” warning to your visitors!

So when your browser says this to you while visiting websites on the internet, and even possibly YOUR site, it can be a bit scary or alarming at first. These full page warning messages from Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge can be alarming to your visitors and scare them away from entering your website! Most browsers now are made to alert users that websites do not have a SSL encryption certificate to secure the data transmission from the site. In 2020, it is normal practice to have an SSL encryption certificate on EVERY website.

So what can you do to make your site even more secure and get rid of the secure warning in the browsers?

So while your site is at the high level of service and security already, the Google browser (and others) are still showing your site is not secure. What can be done?

The reason why it is showing as not secure is simply because your site does not have a “SSL Security Certificate” running on the site.

What is an SSL Certificate? 

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a website, it activates the padlock you may have noticed on your browser, and the https protocol, and allows secure encrypted connections from a web server to a browser. Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and admin logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

Look for this padlock on your browser when visiting your website. If you see the padlock, you already have an SSL certificate!

In plain English, an SSL Certificate is a way of encrypting and locking down the communications between your website and the people visiting it, so there is NO CHANCE of any leakage of data outside of the two places. (IE: no one can ever possibly intercept your admin username and password being entered into your site while using an SSL certificate!)

Certificates are bought and managed by central certificate providers (third parties) that control and secure it all. 

Let’s secure your website!

These days having an SSL certificate is a normal part of having a website. As you can see, Google and the other browser companies are pretty much saying that if a site is not using encryption to communicate with its visitors, it is not truly secure…. and this may drive away or scare people who are coming to your site.

All it takes to secure your site is a yearly payment to the third party certificate vendors and then I can install your certificate right away, making the security warning go away, and also making your site a LOT more secure with full encrypted communications to your visitors and you when logging into your admin area!

I do not charge anything extra myself for these certificates. The cost for these certificates are just $50.00 per year. To get started with your website security certificate, just email me (click here) and I can send the invoice. Once paid, I can install the certificate that same day, and the secure message on all the browsers will go away.

As mentioned above, ALL websites will have this certificate added to your invoice as of Jan 1st 2021 if you do not already have one installed or do not have one installed by that time.

As usual, PLEASE email me if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you! – Mike


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