Here is a small selection of websites we have worked on for our clients. Let us help get your website looking as awesome as these! All you have to do is contact us today!

Hemp 4 Paws

Hemp 4 Paws had a website with GoDaddy they made with the builder program available there, but realized it didn’t suit their needs very well. They wanted to be able to do more robust things and have more freedom with what they do on their site. We completely rebuilt a WordPress website for them based on the Godaddy site appearance, including an online store that handles all their sales! We also re-made their HempHeal.ca website in the same way!

Carl Kuster Mountain Park

The folks at Carl Kuster Mountain Park were having a really hard time updating and editing their website so we transferred everything over to our servers and completely re-built their site with a FAR easier theme to make edits and changes with. Happiness all around!

Pristine Cleaning Systems

The great folks at Pristine were looking for a new website design and to move away from their past hosting company so we found a really great theme for their website and think it looks awesome!

Armstrong Wine & Brew Ltd.

Lisa at Armstrong Wine and Brew called us because their old website was made by a designer that left the business and she didnt know how to move from her old site that wasn’t really working for her anymore. We completely converted her old site into a new WordPress site and then added in a really great online store that allows her to serve her customers near and far!

R&A Engineering

We are very proud to now have one of the best design and engineering firms in the BC Interior now hosting their wordpress designed website with us! We had done some edits to their older website, and when the time came for them to upgrade, they asked us to make a whole new website for them. Looks awesome!

Broken Back Mining Supplies

One of Canada’s largest online mining supplies sites, this was a special project for us. The guys at Broken Back Mining Supplies are now able to easily add any items they want to their online store and collect the orders as they come in to their site. Everything is automated including payments and shipping quotes.

Station BBQ Smokehouse

If you haven’t had the chance to head down to the Station BBQ, you are cheating yourself. Wow, the food here is awesome! Sooooooo good! We’re proud to have them as our clients and we can’t wait to head down there for our next meal!

Karin Jefferies Okanagan Realtor

Karin contacted us for her new realty website and we were able to get her site up and going within a week, complete with listings from the MLS listings database, and some great eye catching features to help drive her realty business!

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