About Us:

Hi, my name is Mike Bjerstedt and I am the owner of Vernon Websites. We are located in the amazing Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, specifically in Vernon. The great thing about the Internet is that we can help you with your projects no matter where you are located. We currently have several clients located all across Canada.

I have been building websites on the Internet since the early 90’s. This was just as “graphical” web browsers were coming to the public. Hardly anyone was even online yet, but I started early and created some websites mainly for myself and the business I was doing at the time. Later, some of these websites were published in major American newspapers, and one website was even featured in Wired Magazine. Things have come a LONG way since then, and I now use my knowledge of the Internet and computers to help my clients get their own home on the web.

I provide VIP one-on-one service to all my clients. There are no call centres in India or the Philippines here… no holding for the next agent. When you call our number, you are calling me personally, right on my cell phone. I also make sure to call back ALL of my voicemails, without fail. I greatly value all my clients and I provide top level service to every one.

Vernon Websites was nominated for a Sterling Service award by the Vernon Chamber Of Commerce, and we also have collected some really great accolades from the businesses we have helped.

Check out our Testimonials page to see them!

You don’t need to know ANYTHING about getting a website. Don’t worry one bit. No stress! All you have to do is call or email and we can get your website started and online so quickly and easily you won’t believe it; and your budget will be intact!

Please take some time to check out our portfolio page to see a selection of our client’s sites. They all love their websites, and we know you will too! If you have ANY questions at all, please just contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
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