Download the remote control tool by clicking this link and then clicking/selecting the X86/Windows icon on this page:

 Remember to click the X86-Windows icon!!

You’ll see a big white window panel come up with a blue download button. Just click download and the remote tool “dwagent.exe” will download to your downloads folder. On google chrome you will see it in the bar along the bottom of your browser. Windows browsers and Firefox will ask what you want to do with it. On any browser, just download and then run the program…

Then follow the steps below. Should be pretty easy,,,

Click install, then NEXT….

Then on the image below, click YES….

For the image below, the install path is fine the way it is, just click NEXT….

For the image below, select YES, then click NEXT….

For the image below, select Enter the Installation code, then click NEXT….

For the image below, enter in the installation code you have been given (click here to email me if you need an installation code for me to work on your PC), then click NEXT….

Then just enter in the code I give you through the email I sent and I can then connect. 

Email me back saying this has been completed. Thank you!

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