Canadian Ski Patrol Award

20150328_221300As a proud member of the Canadian Ski Patrol, I am even more proud to announce that I received an award for the website design and social media work I have done for the Ski Patrol. Its been an amazing experience and I would really like to encourage anyone who has thought of joining the Ski Patrol to go to our Ski Patrol website ( and get in contact with our recruiting to join us!

2014 Day Of Destruction

We are proud to announce we are now sponsoring Rick Digby #32 this season of Hit 2 Pass racing and saw him in action on June 22nd 2014 at the Motoplex Speedway Day Of Destruction! He did awesome, and we all saw first hand how crazy these guys can be! So much fun! We highly suggest you get out to the track any time you see Hit 2 Pass racing coming.. and this August they will be back with the Night of Destruction trailer race again! Go get em Rick!

2013 Sterling Service Award Nominee!

vernonwebsitesnominationVernon Websites was nominated for the Sterling Service Award this year from the Vernon Chamber of Commerce! Thanks to all our clients, and for our nomination!

Unfortunately we didn’t make the top three, but we are very proud to have even been mentioned and recognized in this way in our local community…

Thank you everyone!

Thinking about Search Engine Optimization?

Today I give you some very important FREE advice! Ignore it at your peril!

Do NOT pay any money to any company that is promoting top or first page results on search engine optimization. Most SEO companies are smoke and mirror snake oil sellers. SOMEONE always has to be on page two. Not everyone can get on page one. Just the way it is. If you wish to pay a company to help get your site as optimized as possible, that is one thing, but no one can tell you for sure that you will be on the first page for sure. Except Google I suppose.

Now if you are willing to pay Google directly for “adwords” advertising, you can be on page one. Top search results take work and effort and do not magically happen without money being spent. (Either up front, or in your time it takes to get there.)

There is TONS of info on Google and other sites on how Google works to sort and show search results. It is done to keep the search as pure as possible and not to allow one site to unfairly gain results over another by tricks.

Google Page showing how it calculates results…

From this page:

“When a user enters a query, our machines search the index for matching pages and return the results we believe are the most relevant to the user. Relevancy is determined by over 200 factors, one of which is the PageRank for a given page. PageRank is the measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages. In simple terms, each link to a page on your site from another site adds to your site’s PageRank. Not all links are equal: Google works hard to improve the user experience by identifying spam links and other practices that negatively impact search results. The best types of links are those that are given based on the quality of your content.”

In short, and in my experience, the best way to get your site to the top (or as close to it as possible) is to make sure to use keywords that you think people would search for most to find your business, IN your website. In descriptions, titles, and throughout the site. THEN, another very important way to get to the top is to trade links with other websites. The more your website is mentioned or linked from other places on the net, the more “relevant” the Google search engine thinks it is and will place it higher.

There is no easy one shot cheap simple way to do it. It takes work and time to market and get the word out about your website. The keywords thing is pretty easy to implement, but getting the links and mentions on the internet is something that comes with time, when others add links to your site… Unless you actually actively work on networking with other sites and places to do this more quickly.

This all being said.. If you want help to make sure your site is as optimized as possible, we can help.. Just contact us today!

Findlay’s Tesimonial

“The online store looks great and the links from our webpage is awesome as well. You did a great job and we appreciated the support and hands on help that you
provided. We are very pleased with the whole package from web site to online store. ”
Thank Toni
Findlays vacuum and sewing.

Thanks for your kind words Toni! We always work hard to make sure our clients are very well taken care of… You can check out their website and online store by CLICKING HERE!

We support local charities and clubs!

We’re very proud and happy to be providing web development and hosting services to local Charitable Organisations and other general interest clubs.

We love living here in the Okanagan and are glad we have the opportunity to show our support for various local organisations! Here are a few websites we have made recently:

The Miracle Bucket Society.
The Vernon Placer Miners Club

We have also provided some Computer Support to the North Okanagan Pregnancy Care Centre., and soon will also be providing website support for their website.

New Video Production Page!

We have always provided video production as a service to our clients, but we decided today to add a page to the site showing some of our work. Check it out!

Click Here!

Welcome Temptasian!

We love going to Temptasian for some great Chinese food in a really nice place, so we were quite excited to have Temptasian come on board with us for their new website and hosting! Remember to go see them the next time you have a craving for great Chinese style cuisine!

Kudo’s to Vernon Websites

“Now, don’t let this go to your head Mike!! I’ve always given credit where its due and when  total strangers write and compliment my website, l feel obliged to share the kudos with you….thank you. The funny thing is l get told by a lot of people that the site does look good, but because its my first one and l don’t really check
out too many other sites, what you gave me is the norm for me……with all the positive feedback, l would say you have done a first class job.”

Dave at Trinity Kennels – Vernon BC

Thanks Dave!!! We are so glad you like your website! 🙂

The REAL reason to have a website for your business…

I just wrote this up tonight while thinking about some calls and information that I have been asked for over the past while. I wanted to address this, and I hope that people can start to realize all the good things about having a website for their business, and stay realistic with their expectations…

We often get calls asking about getting a website to drive sales. It seems a lot of people think if they get a website they will get rich from it right away and the sales will just start flowing in without any real work.

I feel I need to dispel this myth. I’m going to be brutally honest here, because I think my clients appreciate that… and I hope you do too.

First of all, when a website is first made, it can take quite a while to appear on Google or other search engines. Depending on how good the design of the site is; the use of good keywords; along with how nice google wants to be to you, your page may take a VERY long time to even show up… and when it does, there is NO GUARANTEE it will be on the first page.. Or even the second… Someone is always on the third or fourth pages. Not everyone can be on the first page!

But yet, EVERYONE wants to be…. Of course…

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about how they get their site to show up near the top of the first page. For most people its not even good enough to be lower down on the first page! Expecting to show up on Google on the first page is unrealistic, and while it is very possible with a LOT of time to build links and internet age, its very unusual to get there right away. (Without paying for Google advertising spots that is…)

There are pages and pages (a manual in fact) of information on Google’s website on how they calculate where your site will appear in the results. Pretty much no one reads it, so you can not possibly understand it fully unless you do. If you want to know how it works and what to expect, then you really should check it out. There is WAY more to being on Google than just simply adding your site to the search engine.

Second…. In nearly every case, the main reason to have a website on the internet is to have your businesses “Home” on the web. A place where you can show your business and what your business does. More than anything its a place your clients can go to get more info about you as they need it, and you can update it regularly with the latest news about what is going on. This saves you from having to call everyone separately to let them know the latest news or things you want them to know.

Third…. A website is an extremely valuable sales TOOL. Notice I did not say it is your ONLY sales tool!!! You should never look at your website as the one thing that is going to bring in sales. Other than online stores selling actual items, most websites do NOT bring in sales all by themselves. You need to be realistic and realize that having a website will not allow you to kick back and relax while the sales just automatically fall in your lap.

In order to get the most from your website, you should MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE IT IN ALL OF YOUR MARKETING!!! (Yellowpages, newspaper ads, radio ads, business cards, flyer etc) It is also imperative that you also MAKE SURE to mention and push the website at every meeting and pitch you make to prospective clients! Its a great way to BACK UP your pitch and give your prospective clients something to go back and check out later. Use it as an additional tool for driving your sales. In this way, while the prospective client is away from you, they can still see more information about your business and think about it more while you are apart, and then when you follow up with them later on the phone or in person you can ask them if they had time to check the website you mentioned and if they had any further questions etc.

ALWAYS mention the website to everyone you meet. Push it hard yourself. Make it a natural and integral part of your sales strategy and you will find that your website does so much more for your business than you thought possible. There is no way to measure the strength of your business or the effectiveness of the website ALONE….. It is but a single part of the big sales machine in your business, and a very necessary one these days where every business is expected to be online.

There are even more options to push and drive more traffic to your website now as well. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can also serve to link to your website.

If you have ANY questions or comments, please feel free to ask me any time, or call… I’d love to hear from you….