Emergency Satellite Communication Trouble Report:

This EMERGENCY satellite communication support form is ONLY for use in these specific instances listed below....

1) You have already followed the instructions and read the information on the website and email support page HERE, you've submitted the support form already, and then received an auto email directing you here to report an actual website/server outage.

2) DOUBLE CHECK to see if your website is actually in fact down (and not just blocked to you, possible IP block) by clicking on THIS LINK and submitting your website URL there to see if it is visible. BE SURE TO SELECT CANADA as the server blocks some other countries. If your website does come up in this page, it means your website is NOT down, and you have another issue. In this case, please await a reply to your original trouble report.

and your website has been offline an has not come back upBecause there is a cost involved with sending these messages, any use other than what is specifically listed below will result in a $1.00 per message charge

Depending on the situation, we may get back to you via email, text or phone call. Please enter a cell phone number you can receive texts or voice calls with.
Please enter an email address that is currently functional in case we need to email you.

Please CLICK HERE to see your IPv4 Address and copy it into the following box below. (A new page will open, just copy the IPv4 number on the page that opens, and then paste it in the box below. DO NOT copy the IPv6 number please.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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