Vernon Websites Project Agreement

Thank you for considering our service and deciding to come aboard! Please fill out the form below to get started on your new services. Once this is completed, I will be in contact to get more information from you to get started. Your new website will be up and running in no time!

The business stuff:

In order to have your site on the internet we will provide you with our “All Inclusive” Website Hosting and Management Services (AIHMS) that provides full and regular maintenance/software updating to the WordPress software along with updating plugins. We also include full security and anti hacking services as a part of this. Your site is monitored constantly. Any issues with the up-time of your site will be handled by us. We suggest visiting your site regularly in case there is anything you would like edited. We will provide you info on how to log in and make small changes to text and images. You will also be allotted 15 minutes per month for us to provide these small basic edits for you as needed. Extra time or larger needs are at the regular hourly rate -min 30 min.

The “All Inclusive” hosting and full maintenance/update/security services are just $45.85 per month, invoiced yearly plus taxes. To get started on your project, this amount is due on signing of this agreement. After signing, you will be emailed your first invoice.

Please be sure to read the terms of service mentioned below.
They are also included in the information document that was emailed to you earlier.

PLEASE NOTE!!! The first invoice sent is just for the website hosting and management through to the next year, and is yearly. This first invoice is NOT for any design or building time for the website.

The website design and build time/work is invoiced separately after the website is completed, and is a one time payment for just that work. The hosting and management services are completly separate from the design and building services and are two separate invoices.

The ESTIMATED amount you will pay for your website design/build will be discussed and mutually agreed for a budget for this work. This information will be done in writing through email for records and documentation purposes. The invoice for the website build/development portion will be sent at the completion of the project.

 Please contact me if any of this is unclear to you. I want to always be sure that everythign is crystal clear before going ahead so there are never any suprises.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

Vernon Websites Services Agreement

  • The information below will be used for your account billing information. Your invoicing will go to the contact you enter in on this page.
  • Leave blank if you are the billing contact AND the website project contact. If you have someone who is handling the project, but is NOT the billing contact, please enter their name below.
  • If you have a website project person who is NOT also the billing contact, please enter their email address below.
  • If you have a website project person who is NOT also the billing contact, please enter their phone number below.
  • Have you read the terms of service and do you now fully agree to be completely bound by all the terms of service?
    (No service will be supplied if you do not agree to the terms.)
  • By signing and completing this registration/agreement/contract form for services with Vernon Websites, the client/customer that has filled out this form agrees to all the terms of service, and also acknowledges the digital signature made on this online registration/agreement/contract form to be as strong and legally binding as a paper or physical “in person” or “real life” signature, thus completing and confirming a legal binding contract.
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